Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Miss Crystal White was the best ....

I can tell you something about myself first. I was a kid when I started liking feet, at that time I thought that I am the only one with  this "issue". So, I never told anyone. We did not have access to internet till pretty late so I was always of the opinion that I have a unique interest.

Anyway, I did eventually got an internet connection by the time I was 16! That is a wonderful age to be blessed with an internet connection! I googled pretty feet and eventually saw beautiful women getting their feet worshiped and I was so happy!

So very early in my search I came across Miss Crystal's website. I was mesmerized by how beautiful she looked. She had perfect looks. Later on, I watched her clips from meanbitches and then eventually on her own website. I have to say that she was the best and there is still no match to her. I think what makes her more enchanting is that she had her own private set up. That always works for me. She had really pretty feet too and the perfect attitude to go with it. She was playful, not too serious, in fact she had a wonderful sense of humor. I think she is one of the few Mistresses that used humor to her advantage and didn't let the humor get in the way of the scene.Another good thing about her website was that the guys were into feet and it showed in the clips. Miss Crystal had that wonderful way of using one foot to pull the neck of the slave towards her while jamming the other foot in his mouth while saying the absolute right things, "you pathetic worm!".

She was getting her website updated frequently but almost two years ago she just vanished. I think she got sick for some time. When she came back she had some kind of plastic surgery done on herself. Later on I read that she had some issues with her website administrator. I was absolutely sure that she would bounce back but sadly she hasn't.

When her website was being updated regularly, I sent her an email where I praised her and told her that I love it when she says "aww its okay" while shoving her feet in the slave's mouth. She very kindly responded with her humor intact and said "You have a very good choice" (because I praised her) and then told me to take care and that "its okay". :D

I miss her!

The only Mistress that comes close to Miss Crystal at the moment is Maitresse Madeline. I am going to write about her. She is a lioness!

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